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Campus Life

The Appeal of Studying in Hachioji, an Academic City

Hachioji City, Tokyo, where the International Electronic Accounting College is located, is one of Japan’s leading academic cities, with many universities and vocational schools. The area around the south exit of the school is a quiet residential neighborhood that has been rapidly developed in recent years. On the other hand, the north exit is bustling with various commercial facilities and restaurants, offering a lively and enjoyable area. Additionally, it takes about an hour by train to reach Shinjuku, providing excellent access to the heart of Tokyo. Hachioji City provides the perfect environment for enjoying student life and making the most of your days.

The south exit of Hachioji Station, where the school building is located, is a quiet and calm area.

The north exit of Hachioji Station is a lively and enjoyable area.

The south exit of Hachioji Station is a quiet residential area.

The school building is right in front of the station.

There is a large shopping district at the north exit of Hachioji Station.

There are government facilities around Hachioji Station.

The blue gate is the entrance to the school building.

Students spending time in the school building.

Not Just Studying, Making Memories in Campus Life

At the International Electronic Accounting College, various recreational activities are planned every year for students to enjoy. By spending time with classmates outside the classroom, students can create wonderful memories of their school life, in addition to studying. The destinations are diverse, including theme parks, amusement parks, aquariums, zoos, large parks, and nature-rich hiking. Additionally, interesting extracurricular classes such as factory tours and visits to disaster prevention facilities are also conducted. There are plenty of enjoyable learning activities.

Past Destinations