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Nurturing the Next Generation of Leaders to Challenge Global Business

Our school is located at the foot of Takao, towering over Musashino, in front of Hachioji Station, a culturally rich city full of greenery.

The current globalized economic society demands global human resources who can become immediate assets to companies. Particularly in recent years, many companies are looking towards the vast potential market of the Asian continent and seeking international business professionals who can excel there.

Our school’s educational and instructional philosophy is to nurture individuals with the qualifications, abilities, and knowledge to contribute to such a society. To expose students to real-world experiences, lectures are given by university professors, certified public accountants, tax accountants, businesspeople, and other experts who are active on the front lines of various fields.

Let’s engage in extensive discussions with your peers. There will be times of rigorous effort, and sometimes you will face challenges. However, from these experiences, irreplaceable lifelong friendships will also blossom. By providing this kind of environment, our school fosters students who possess not only knowledge but also flexibility.

“A Broad Perspective and Culture as the Next Generation Leaders Who Can Succeed Globally”

We believe that nurturing such individuals is our mission.

Principal Nobuyoshi Kashiwa